Same name, new blog.

Welcome to my new blog everyone! Let me catch you up on what has been going on in my little corner of the world that we know as Paphos, Cyprus.

This season has been one of getting acclimated to the warm culture and keeping my eyes open for any opportunity that might come my way. Many of my dearest moments here thus far seemed to happen so naturally and unexpectedly. Let me just familiarize you with a little bit of what has been going on:


Emma and I have been going through the book of Esther together. I study it a bit before we get together, then we read and talk about everything going on in the story and the principles that apply to our lives. The themes of this book have been so applicable to life and our study times have been very blessed.

Also, along the lines of bible studies, I did a three-part series on purity for a group of young ladies. Abby leads a bible study at her house and she had asked me to teach on this topic. I certainly learned a lot in my preparative studies and it was such a joy to teach these girls.


I have met a few of the high school girls around here, here and there, and it turns out that they are very much into the dreadlocks! So a handful of them have come over to the flat so that I can give them some locks. Meanwhile, I get to know some of the youth as individuals. Questions are asked and answered while hair follicles are locked. The more that I talked to them, the more that my heart has grown for these girls.

When I was getting my dreadlocks a little over a year ago, I would have never ever guessed that God would use them as a means to let me to talk to people about Him! God truly amazes me, to say the least.


Otherwise, connections are made randomly walking down the street and/or in coffee shops. Things like that. I have been able to experience the small town lifestyle while being here. Random people talk to me saying how they have seen me around, heard of me or that I know a friend of theirs. Fancy that! I quite enjoy it honestly, meeting people at random and having some, no matter how large or small, connection upon encounter.


My dearest, Abby and I had the pleasure of hosting a Christmas Tea for young ladies last night at the church flat. Thanks to helping hands and the grace of God, the night was a success!



The theme of the night was “Changing the World”. Abby shared about this opportunity that we have to change the world, and after some tea and snacks I got up and shared from Luke 1 about who God uses to make a difference and how.


This was our lovely group of attendees, including our excellent, smartly clad waiters, Olly and James. Seriously, so blessed to take a part in this.

So. The daunting question: What is next? (dun dun duuuuun)

As far as prayer requests go, I would most certainly appreciate prayer for that. I have no clue of what to do! Because I am American, I am able to stay in Cyprus for 3 months, but I must leave the country for 3 months before reentering. A visa extension requires 10,000€ in my bank account, among other papers and documents. (EEK!)

All I know is, I have a plane ticket that goes back to Hungary in January. Please, pray for direction and wisdom and finances!

&if you would feel so led to donate to help support me (plane tickets, food, etc.), you can follow this link:

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Grace and peace and all things nice,


1 thought on “Same name, new blog.

  1. Vanessa,
    I was reading your news with joy and excitement. It’s so wonderful to see how the Lord makes all things beautiful in His perfect timing each and every day. Keep on following Him daily and I know He will make the next step clear as soon as you need to know. Until then, trust Him – He has proven Himself to be trustworthy.
    I love you and I hope to see you in January when you return to Hungary.
    Szeretlek! Isten áldjon! ♥

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