Plans & the forming thereof,

A short explanation of where I am and what I am doing would read like so:
limbo (lɪmbəʊ/)
– an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.
Alas, I am not in limbo, I am in Hungary. In fact, I am here:
For those of you that are newer to following my journey, this would be Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Vajta, Hungary. Also recognized as the place where I attended my last year of Theology studies and participated in the 13-month internship program. To take it a step further down the lane of sentiment, this is also where I launched out of to head off to Paphos, Cyprus. Let me not fail to mention that this is the same school that I “planned” on attending for one semester. Well, I am back y’all!

The plan is to go back to Paphos, but in the mean time I am so thankful to be able to stay here amongst dear friends to pour into and be poured into. Thankfully, I was an intern not too long ago so I am able to help out in different areas and fulfill different needs whether that be in the coffee shop, dining room or grading homework for the online correspondence program. It was a funny thing coming back, it felt like returning home as I was greeted with open arms (literally and figuratively).

Now, about that plan…

Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed. – Proverbs 15:22
Much counsel surrounds me so I have been seeking out wisdom while here as to how to get back to Paphos and stay for longer than 3 months. Those of you that know me well would know that I am certainly not the girl with a plan. Merely looking at airplane tickets costs makes me nauseous. However, sometimes, especially when your life has taken a turn for the way of the nomads, some framework of a plan is quite necessary. This would be the perfect place for me to fill you in on said framework of a plan. That is, if only I had one. Working on that! Simply put, we are trying to figure out details with visas and residency things.
The burden of love for the people of Paphos continues to weigh heavily upon my heart. There is definitely a certain work that can be done, from any distance. That is the work of prayer. This is where you come in. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue working and moving and drawing hearts to God, to the blood of Jesus Christ. Pray for those in Paphos that personally know the undefiled love of God, pray that they would walk in the light of that love. Loved ones, pray without ceasing.

While you are praying, if you are one that prays, pray that the Lord would clearly lead me back to Paphos to be a part of the lives of the ones I love there. Pray that my life would be a godly example.

Αυτο ειναι αγαπητο φιλο μου, Roxie. (This is my dear friend, Roxie.) We study Greek together and hope to be back in Paphos doing ministry. She will be leading the 10-day outreach team from CCBCE to Paphos this semester, so please pray that God would do exceedingly and abundantly in that time and that His hand and favor would be over all of the details in planning.
One last thing that I must share with you, loved ones, is that which is so simply biblical and constantly reinforced in this season:
The peace of God transcends ALL understanding.
So, this is what walking by faith is. Step by step.
Blessed is the man whose strength is in You,
Whose heart is set on pilgrimage.  Psalm 84:5

Blessed am I, blessed indeed.


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